A New Processing Technology After ten Years

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Twenty-first Century can be said is to a large extent the environmental protection as the coreof the century, is from a large number of consumption, the production of large numbers ofwaste for recycling of resources of economic and social transformation of the economy and society, in order to guarantee the sustainable development, must have the following three conditions:

1, reusable resources should be consumption in the repeated use of resources within theframework of;

2, for non reusable resource, it is possible to reusable resources to replace, and should go to the consumer in the range of balance and production within the;

3, waste emissions should be controlled within the possible range of natural purification.

According to the above conditions, manufacturing technology should be recycling systemefforts to develop resources, which should be emphasized to achieve the following objectives:(1) the establishment of recycling type production system; (2) to achieve zero radiation and minimize energy consumption; (3) establishing evaluation technology limit environmental bear.To achieve the above (1), (2) two indicators, with new ideas to carry out processing technology development work. Corresponding to the needs of the society and the economy,the following development including the direction of processing technology, productionsystems: and information corresponding to: independent decentralized production system; IIand unskilled and aging corresponds to: production automation and production system,people-oriented; the corresponding resource and environmental protection: type production system, low radiation production system using circulating; the corresponding demanddiversification: batch debug production system, determine the order production system.

The above production system is not presented in the concept on the basis of unification of thesystem, one to one is not according to the social demand and production system, people-oriented is only to be a rough distinction from a broad perspective.

The predicted 2010 will shift from the emphasis on capital production efficiency to pay more attention to the efficiency of resource production, but even this changing trend of increasingly strong, has always been the processing technology development direction of high precision,high speed, high efficiency, high function are still the technology of our goal. As a productionsystem development direction of nature and the content is not the same, to a specific forecastnew processing technology after 10 years is not an easy thing. The following several aspectsto cite new processing technology, for your reference.

Precision blank:

The object of constant temperature forging and hot precision forging technology for aircraft engine parts such as blank, can make the precision, the purpose is to raise as much as possible the use of expensive materials rate, this study began in twentieth Century 60's.. Now,the importance of this technology should enhance understanding, this is because the environmental problem is becoming more and more serious. Usually blank production and repeated processing will consume a lot of energy and emissions a lot of waste, the workpiece material have also been a lot of waste. Blank precision forming technology is material savingextremely effective, but requires high accuracy of precision casting mould, and must use thetechnology in mass production under the premise, can obtain good benefit. Therefore, the application in a small batch production, cannot use the mould cavity and simple, but must develop precision forming the new processing technology. So far, the most effective means isshaped by has reached the practical level simulation technology, through the simulation can maximize the use of profile and fragmented material. Because of this, precision forming technology has become a new technology trend of current manufacturing industry generally pursue.


In order to fabricate micro machine, as the processing technology, is being carried out in-depth study of machining, EDM, laser processing, forming etc.. Make full use of the characteristics of the processing, processing technology is along the micronized, large area,three-dimensional, to adapt to a variety of materials processing direction. The so-calledmicronized, refers to the processing indexes reach 10nm level. Such as the use of microprocessing by atomic force microscope despite very fine, but this method of productionefficiency is very low, therefore, further to realize high speed and lightweight task to be solved.At present, processed by laser, the machining accuracy and the aspect ratio aspect is expected to improve. As with SR light film processing, can reduce production costs, such as in the forming processing technology, further improvements can reach the practical level. In thethree-dimensional processing, processing and utilization of SR light and the use of ion beametching processing etc., are expected to become an effective method in this area. To adapt to the main processing method of multiple materials is still forming, such as the structure of 10 m to about 10nm of the body the aspect ratio reached 10 of the replication process, the bionic,information about the machinery industry in the future 10 years. A copy of the materialsincluding functional ceramic, not coated metal (a very suitable for biological materials), glass(payrac Si heat-resistant glass and quartz glass), new polymer etc..

The processing technology and materials corresponding to the:

The connecting point of processing technology and material technology are as follows: with the ultra high precision and high stability of machining requirements, needs to further strengthen the research on materials science; second, with the progress of nano particletechnology, nano structure, film and composite material manufacturing will be furtherdevelopment, more consistent processing and the development of the field of materialsengineering; new material processing technology. The item is a continuation of the past work,study materials science is expected to further improve the machining precision; the content is the most attract sb.'s attention at present in the field, nano materials, nano machining, nanodevice are expected to gradually achieve practical level; the content refers to the development of processing technology for recycling of various new materials

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