The Trend Of The Development Of Measurement Technology

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The improvement of production efficiency and its relation to measure project is mainly manifested in three aspects, namely, to shorten the delivery date, improve product quality and reduce the processing cost. Taking this as a starting point, with exhibits gauge twentieth Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition, the trend of the development of measurementtechnology is introduced.

The development trend of measurement technology

In the last ten years, advances in high-speed machine tool is very quick. Seeingfrom measurement field, a part of measurement instrument has made obvious progress in high speed, automation; but from the entire industry, progress measurement instrument of high speed lags far behind in the machine tool industry, which often caused by the unbalance between steps. To improve the measurement efficiency and strengthen the connection with other processes, so that the goods can be smoothly carried out, this is a major issue to shorten the delivery date. Under this premise, in this exhibition measuring instrument, can be found, many manufacturers introduced to improve the detection speed, improve the operation of different product performance and multiple functions, their common characteristic is mainlyto improve the measurement efficiency, a lot of new technology is also around this one outdevelopment center.

In order to improve the quality of products, companies in high precision measurement technology and actively develop high reliability. In recent years, along with the ISO 9000s and ISO 9000 standard carry out, improve the measuring instruments management system is imminent. Unfortunately, in the exhibition, instrument calibration or standard instrument relatedbut not too much. They displayed some measurement technology and key new technological improvements, therefore, can be seen that the company for technology innovation or hold a positive attitude.

For instrument repair and maintenance, users and manufacturers are very seriously. Somedisplay measuring instrument for temperature conditions of installation places, and has lessharsh, some instruments are integrated with a variety of measurement tool function. These new products show that the measuring instrument, manufacturers to reduce cost in the development, but also spare no effort.

Efforts to reduce the cost of measurement

Long term since, measurement, and inspection work are required to set the constant temperature room, to improve the measurement reliability; temperature of constant temperature room adjustment range is narrow, the maintenance cost is also higher in control.Therefore, the user wants to buy that kind of measuring instrument and give full play to itsperformance can still in a wide temperature range, in order to reduce the cost of measurement.

Mitutoyo company exhibited a newly developed flexible measuring machine QM-Measure, this is a simplified model of a desktop three coordinate measuring machine, can be used for the production of field - Testing operation. This machine integrates all kinds of surface measuring tools function, can receive the long-term effect of reduce the cost of measurement. Themachine with temperature compensation function, can be used in the 15 ~ 30 DEG C temperature conditions.

PRISMO measuring machine Cai Si and Accretech jointly developed, is also a kind of used in the production field of the CNC three coordinate measuring machine, ensure the temperaturemeasurement accuracy of 16 ~ 30 DEG C. The indication error of this measurement machinefor E=20+L/300 m, measurement error is R=1.8 m, is a high precision measuring machine.

The measuring machine use form though are different, the production site to the constant temperature room but they can from must strictly control the temperature of measurement,measurement precision can be effectively guaranteed, this point in the precision measurementindustry has an important pioneering significance, but also to the user is also very beneficial.


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