• Jobs:Sales Director
  • The number of:1
  • Salary:/面议
  • Recruitment department:The Department of business
  • Working place:Each branch
  • Age limit:30-40
  • Professional requirements:本科及以上
  • Release time:2015-1-8 10:36:38
Job requirements

1 responsible for the sales and management tool in the relevant work of the;

2 to develop new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range; according to the market to develop marketing programs, the end of the sales target;

3 familiar with all industry, processing industry technology and mechanical parts and tool salesmarket;

4 to provide and analyze market trends, changes in demand, competitors and customer's feedback;

5 be able to travel frequently, has a tradition of hard work, innovation and teamwork spirit;

6 management of the sales contract, the contract of sale and the implementation of account payable;

7 the English four levels of levels (skilled in communication), male or female.

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