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Notification letter

To all dear friends:

   Thank you for the years of TIZ tool and TIZ tool to destroy wide attention, in the joint efforts of everyone, have been completed in a number of offices and agents throughout the country. In the point of steady development! But, as more and more shipments, also appears on the market the portion of the TIZ products infringement and anti counterfeit, resulting in adverse effects and damage to parts of customers. The legitimate rights and interests to the generalpartner, please agency to strengthen the supervision on the market channels, to ensure that customers can enjoy excellent tools with excellent quality after sale service. If found unusualsources of goods, please timely report, at the same time, Division I will also strengthen the marketing channel management, if found any TIZ brand infringement and counterfeit products,our company will investigate its legal liability.

The TIZ tool brand by the European headquarters and China trademark protection of the law,from the beginning of January 1, 2014, my company (Suzhou DEEZ Electromechanical Technology Co Ltd) authorized agents and distributors, our brand name and not to disrupt the market. Once found, our company will hold all the legal responsibility and economic loss.

Above, thank you for cooperation! In the new year, and look forward to all the friends and win-win!

Best wishes: Happy New Year!

Suzhou TIZ Electromechanical Science & Technology Co Ltd



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